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About Us


UBC Formula Electric's mission is to challenge students in developing a hands-on, well-engineered, high-performance electric race car to prove that sustainability can be competitive and exciting. We aim to educate, innovate, and challenge.



We are a team of over 70 students from a variety of disciplines, not just engineering. Members learn about the many complexities and intricacies that go into designing and building an electric vehicle from scratch. Nearly all of our team’s parts are manufactured by students, cementing in their minds the process and how to improve upon it. Since we are students first and foremost, we instill a significant focus on managing projects and teams to ensure they’re done on time, on budget and, most importantly, make us faster.


The Formula SAE series requires a diverse array of technical abilities forming several subteams, each focusing on building a specific segment of the car. With the complexity of these events, we also have to rely on strong student management and business teams to operate and manage this small organization while racing around the world. Additionally, we have a very advanced electrical and battery system, with focus on moving away from off-the-shelf parts. All the work we do requires creative thinking, and our team is always coming up with new ideas to make processes and results better.



For decades, internal combustion engines (ICE) have been the norm in motorsport and class. We challenge that notion and instead provide students with the opportunity and resources to develop, expand, and apply their engineering skills with an electric drivetrain. Beyond manufacturing, students are also able to participate in racing the car and gain valuable understanding of how to optimize design while seeing their work in action.

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