About Us

Who we are

UBC Formula Electric found its humble beginnings in the UBC Electric Car Club who converted a Volkswagen Beetle into an EV and made it the first electric vehicle to travel coast to coast across Canada. UBC Formula Electric is an engineering design team out of the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada that connects students from various engineering and related disciplines through the shared passion for creating a world that thrives by way of technological innovation and environmental sustainability. This passion is channeled through the design and construction of a fully electric open wheel Formula style race car that will be competing internationally at the Formula SAE California Electric competition this summer.

Our team strides to provide education paired with a hands-on experience to our members. Our diverse team of engineering, science, and business students collaborate not only on projects directly related to engineering, such as those in power electronics, vehicle dynamics, and mechanical assembly, but also ones related to project management, financial management, branding, marketing, and documentation. Our ultimate goal is to give our members all the multifaceted skills they need to become experts in taking an engineering design project from the initial spark all the way to completion. We aim to be the starting point for the finest engineers in sustainability and for the leaders of the future.

Off the track, our team participates in many community outreach events in which we showcase the multitude of benefits of electric vehicles as an alternative to fossil-fueled transportation. Through educating others as we educate ourselves, we aim to show that electric vehicles are not only sustainable environmentally, but that they are also powerful, precise, and inexpensive cars. We are passionate about not only creating a new, innovative future that will leave our planet green for generations, but also promoting the investment into projects such as ours that are a necessary way of achieving this goal.

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The Competition: Formula SAE Michigan

Formula SAE is a student design competition organized by SAE International. Teams from universities all over the world converge in Michigan for five days in June for the competition. This year, the competition will be held at the Michigan International Speedway, a 2km oval track located in Brooklyn, Michigan.

Cars are judged in both static and dynamic events on their driving performance, manufacturing cost, and engineering design by real automotive engineers. Team members gain invaluable hands-on engineering experience in conceptualizing, fabricating, and presenting their designs on a global stage.