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Who We Are

We are a diverse team of students from Mechanical, Electrical, Integrated, and Computer Engineering, Engineering Physics, and various aspects of Business and Commerce disciplines. Together share a passion for technological innovation and environmental sustainability.

What We Do

As part of the UBC Formula Electric team, students strive not only for creativity and innovation in both mechanical and electrical design, but for a better understanding of how electric vehicles will help shape our changing world. This is done through the ultimate goal of building an electric formula-style race car to compete internationally at the Formula SAE Electric competition.

2017 Build Specifications


Battery Pack Capacity


Peak Torque

Battery Pack Voltage

Peak Power Output

Community Outreach

One of our main goals is to spread information to others and get students interested in engineering. At the latest UBC Engineering Open House, we teamed up with UBC Formula to showcase both our projects and build upon our team collaboration efforts.

Our team has been highly successful over the past 5 years in its goals of promoting student learning in the field of electric vehicles.

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