About Us

We are a UBC engineering design team that provides students across all faculties opportunities to tackle real world issues surrounding the design and adoption of electric vehicle technology. We represent UBC and UBC Applied Science in every area of our club, from high quality design work to public interactions at events and race days.

Who We Are

We are a diverse team of students from mechanical, electrical, integrated, and computer science engineering as well as business technology management and human resources, who together share a passion for technological innovation and environmental conservation.

What We Do

We maximize our education through hands on projects by building electric cars that push the boundaries of known power electronics, striving to beat records in distance, speed, and efficiency. We also participate in case competitions, public education, and general electric vehicle promotion.

Projected Car Specifications



Top Speed

Battery Size

Our Sponsors

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  • Promotion and logo on our website
  • Promotion via social media
  • Logo placement on the car


  • A team photo to show off to the entire office
  • Distribution of your promotional materials to students
  • Display of your banner at student events
  • All Bronze level features included


  • Dedicated booth space at student events
  • Invitations to join us for track day
  • ¬†All Bronze and Silver level features included

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